Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy is the process of using medicine intravenously, inorder to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability. Proper administration is essential for the effectiveness of treatment and safety of the patient. Dr. Gordon is specifically trained to administer various types of injection therapies.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy is an effective solution for anyone experiencing muscular issues. First, we locate the problem points, also known as “trigger points”, the area where muscle pain and dysfucntion is originating. In these areas the pain is concentrated, and the sensation transfers throughout the body once it is pressed. If it is left untreated for long periods of time, the pain and dysfunction can spread to nearby msucles.

Treating the affected trigger point area directly has been proven effective by many experts around the world. It promotes faster, more effective healing, and remedies the damaged muscle, by activating the body’s natural ability to heal.


Neural Therapy
Neural therapy is a great treatment option to conquer chronic pain, and other conditions, such as arthritis, lupus, headaches, allergies, infections, and many more. Through the use of an injected local anesthetic, neural therapy can influence sensory information and the perception of pain.

BioPuncture is highly effective in treating muscular pain, digestive issues, and weakened immune systems. Dr. Gordon hand selects all of her biological injections to ensure they are high quality, safe, and advantageous.

B-12 Injection
B-12 is often used for people who are suffering from vitamin B-12 deficiency, and low energy. There are many B Complex tablets in the market, however, Dr. Gordon only sources methylcobalamin, a natural form of B12 that has been proven to get significant results. A B-12 injection is great for conquer fatigue, low energy levels, brain fog, slow metabolism, and muscular conditions, such as bursitis.